Trends and Technologies Boosting Baking & Hospitality Businesses at GastroPan 2016

The Romanian baking and hospitality industry is changing continuously, along with the needs of consumers. In this context, entrepreneurs are seeking for new business niches that allow them to increase their profits by meeting the needs of their clients. The eight edition of GastroPan exhibition will showcase the latest innovations from hundreds of world class suppliers. After 80% of the available booths have been booked, suppliers in the field still have a chance of exhibiting at the event.

Streamlining production by compact, power efficient machines, diversifying the range of products with multifunctional machines, furniture and commercial design ideas, the concept of bakery-catering, which allow bakeries and to serve daily meals to consumers are just a few trends that visitors will find at the GastroPan booths. The exhibition will take place in Targu Mures, Romania, on 7-9 April 2016.

For the Bakery Sector, GastroPan will exhibit a full range of raw materials, equipment and concepts for artisan bakeries, confectioneries and pastry shops, as well as for industrial producers and specialized stores. Suppliers from all over the world will show their latest technologies that can develop these businesses and increase their sales. The stands on this segment will be animated by a series of demon shows in which exhibitors will show how visitors can benefit of the exhibited applications.

Confectionery Solutions Suppliers will display the latest products and concepts with great success at European level, meaning a large series of equipment for production facilities and commercial units. There will also be lots of tools, supplies, accessory and ideas for packaging and exposure, which will help entrepreneurs in the field to attract more customers. Specialists will be able to share experiences with master confectioners and chocolatiers who will present their talents at several GastroPan stands.

Hospitality Operators will also have plenty of reasons to visit GastroPan 2016 thanks to the full range of machines and tools for professional kitchens exhibited. While managers of hotels and restaurants will learn how to bake fresh breads and pastry for their clients, bakers and confectioners will discover new ways of increasing their profits by serving snacks and quick meals to customers. GastroPan exhibitors will show visitors how thin the border is between bakery, confectionery and hospitality.

Competitions and demo shows attract thousands of specialists and managers to GastroPan. Many of the exhibitors will organize dynamic demonstrations at their own booths, giving visitors the opportunity to meet and learn some great working techniques. Meanwhile, the organizers will provide a series of work-shops, contests and demonstrations that will bring together the best professionals in the field. Bread and Cake of the Year are some of the great trophies awarded at GastroPan 2016.

Some of the moments of the latest edition of GastroPan can be seen in the Photo Gallery available on, where you can also find all the details about the event.

To attend GastroPan 2016 as Exhibitors - suppliers of any other solutions for businesses in the baking, confectionery and hospitality sectors must fill in the Application Form available on, or they can the Organizers at +40 266 219.392, mobile +40 733-313.043 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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