GastroPan 2023 – innovation, digitization and new partnerships formed

GastroPan 2023 – innovation, digitization and new partnerships formed

The 14th edition of international exhibition GastroPan took place between 17-19 March 2023, in Brașov, in Lux Divina center, bringing together demand and supply, suppliers and customers, and allowed complex presentations of products, technologies and services for an interested specialist public. The 3-day exhibition can be considered a scientific-professional event led by suppliers and manufacturers of machinery, raw materials and ingredients, but also new and modern technologies and solutions that can be easily implemented in your own businesses. The only specialized exhibition for the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry organized in Romania and one of the largest in South-Eastern Europe, with over 20 years of experience in bringing together global suppliers with market operators and producers, with 13 editions consecutive ones marked by the presence of specialists every year, over a hundred suppliers from the country and abroad who exhibit year after year, but also thousands of visitors annually - of which selected visitors (managers, specialists and decision-makers – 82%).

GastroPan – novelty, diversity, multitude of presented solutions

During the 3 days of the exhibition, thousands of visitors came with the wish to find out the latest solutions and technologies, raw materials, ingredients, utensils, accessories and much more that represent the bases and necessities of bakery, confectionery or HoReCa businesses. Among the visitors, there were specialists, entrepreneurs who have been on the market for many years, but also people who want to open a business. Many of them came from the desire to take advantage of the latest start-ups that help to open some units in the food industry by enjoying a lot of information, advice and help from the exhibitors.

As a pleasant surprise, there was a high presence of young people - a fact that indicates that the younger generation is increasingly interested in this branch of the food industry, many of them studying at high schools or universities with a food profile. "I'm here because I love cooking, I want to become a chef and my dream is to have a bistro where I can offer the best, delicious and quality food to customers. It is a great opportunity to see and talk to the people at the exhibited stands because they have a lot of experience in what they do and through this, they give us hope that everything is possible, if we want it to be.", was the conclusion of a student from a high school with food profile from Cluj-Napoca.

The latest trends and diversity at the exhibited stands

GastroPan visitors had the opportunity to experience, test and taste a wide range of solutions, equipment, technologies and ingredients, some of which are available for the first time on the market. Managers and specialists in the field discovered business ideas and solutions for streamlining activities, reducing costs, increasing quality or developing new products and services adapted to current market requirements.

During the exhibition, there were present the digitization and robotization of technological processes, cheeses and dairy products specially designed for bakeries and pastry shops, ecologically certified products, new flavors and tastes, but also new trucks that can transform any business on wheels.

Professional, business event with the presence of officialities

Together with the leaders and elite members of the most important national and international organizations, such as Aurel Popescu – the president of the Romanian Employers' Association of the Milling, Bakery and Flour Industry (ROMPAN), Viorel Marin – the president of the National Association of Milling Industries and Bakery (ANAMOB), Radu Zărnescu – president of the Euro-Toques Romania Association, Dr. Iulia Drăguț – president of the Euro East Alternative Cultural Association Romania (A.C.E.E.A.) or Dumitru Burtea – honorary president of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS), among the special guests who also present at the exhibition were Cornelia Ghișoi, Lady Chef of Romania, Carmela Dragomir – master confectioner, Elena Ionete – executive director of ANAMOB, Daniela Voica – vice president of ROMPAN, Adina Cristea – technical director of ANAMOB, Chef Kiss Florin, Chef Cerasela Lungu, Chef Florin Popa, Farkas Ferenc – master confectioner such as Ilonka Boldizsár, ambassador of the International Union of Bakers and Confectioners UIBC and Septe József, president of the Association of Hungarian Bakers.

The representatives of the most important patronages and associations of milling and baking in the country and abroad specified the difficulties of these days due to the war in the neighbors, but they are optimistic about this year's wheat harvest which will have a positive influence for the future. They appreciate the organization of this event representing a benefit for entrepreneurs and specialists in the field because the exhibition is a starting point to link new partnerships and development.



A big win for Buttercup Sweets who wins Cake of the Year 2023 in the CONFECTIONERY section!

In the Cake of the Year 2023 category, 10 confectioners from all over the country participated and were challenged to develop an innovative cake using the well-known choux, the theme being semi-prepared choux base - scalded dough. The best cake was created by Sima Maria Adina who was characterized by a classic cake taking into account sustainability and the demands of today's consumers, more precisely without added sugar and without gluten. Gluten-free flours, sugar substitutes and basic confectionery raw materials were used in the composition of the cake. The combined flavors were dark and white chocolate, raspberry, pistachio.

Winners of the CONFECTIONERY section, CAKE OF THE YEAR 2023 category:

First place: Sima Maria Adina – Buttercup Sweets Company, Bucharest

Second place: - Sanduța Ariadna – Transilvania University, Faculty of Food and Tourism, Brașov

-Topolog Doina – Topolog Mărioara Doina II, Sibiu

Third place: - Mihuț Rodica – Mihuț PFA, Monorostia, Bârzava, Arad

-Anton Ana Maria – Anton D Ana Maria PFA, Bârnova, Iasi

Award of excellence: Tufa Georgian-Ștefan – Sweet Dessert, Brașov

Innovation award: Mirica Gabriela – Târgoviște, Dâmbovița

Extravagance through sugar paste creations

In the Sugar Paste Creation category, the competitors had the challenge of presenting an artistic piece composed of structural and decorative elements obtained exclusively from sugar paste, mounted on an artificial model (polystyrene). Pastry chefs are no longer limited to the traditional seven-tiered white cakes that we've seen at weddings over the years. Now they come in special shapes, with varied compositions and in terms of decoration, the imagination has no limits. The confectioners had to respect the imposed theme: Wedding cakes – extravagance.

The most successful artistic creation from sugar paste was made by Mihuț Flavia Petronela from Mihuț PFA, Monorostia, Bârzava, Arad.

The winners of the category are: Mihuț Flavia Petronela – Mihuț PFA, Arad,

Ciulei Georgeta – Citite Sweets Company, Ploiesti,

Topolog Doina – Topolog Mărioara Doina II, Sibiu,

Teodor Denisa – La Casa Ristorante Pizzeria Pane DO, Cluj-Napoca.


Bread of the Year 2023 artisanal - with pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and flax seeds

In each edition of the GastroPan exhibition, global trends and innovations are taken into account, thus, the theme imposed in the Bread of the Year 2023 category was bakery products with added seeds with a functional role. Various products were presented, ranging from baked goods with linseed, sunflower and pumpkin to nuts and plums. But the Bread of the Year 2023 was won by the Harmopan bakery with the semi-white bread product with potatoes and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds).

Category winners:

First place: Harmopan Bakery, Miercurea-Ciuc

Second place: Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin

Third place: - Adriana Bolgiu Bakery, Urlați

- Moara Maria Bakery, Chizătău

Award of excellence: Harmopan Bakery, Miercurea-Ciuc

Innovation award: - Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin

                                   - Bertis Bakery, Sfântu-Gheorghe

Pastry products with a functional role – Ambrosia

In the category Pastry products, the competitors had the task of presenting a pastry product with a functional role that could be achieved by adding ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the human body. The best pastry product turned out to be the product with figs, pears, walnuts, cranberries, prunes, candied oranges, pear cake, cinnamon and nutmeg, all of which have elements with a positive impact on the human body made by the Harmopan bakery.

Winners of the Pastry Products category:

First place: Harmopan Bakery, Miercurea-Ciuc

Second place: Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin

Third place: Bertis Bakery, Sfântu-Gheorghe

Innovation award: Bocskor Bakery, Sânmartin

Students and pupils – imagination transposed through bakery and pastry products

As a novelty for this edition, there was the category dedicated to students and pupils whose theme was Love food, hate waste – the reuse of food by-products in bakery or pastry products. They had the opportunity to evolve through the knowledge acquired during the Competitions, to compare the products, the raw materials and ingredients used, the ways of obtaining them - which is a very important element for the professional development of young people. The most innovative product was Fia_Hybrid_Desert created by the team formed by Cristian Argyelan and Ana-Maria Micșoni from the University of Life Sciences, Timișoara.

The winners of the student and student teams were:

First place: Argyelan Cristian, Micșoni Ana-Maria – University of Life Sciences, Timișoara

Second place: Lavinia Tarniță, Daria Ursachi, Florea (Ciubotariu) Petronela – "Ștefan cel Mare" University, Suceava

Third place: Federeac Cristian – "Ștefan cel Mare" University, Suceava

Excellence Award: Antal Szabolcs, Kovács Mihály – Sapientia EMTE University, Miercurea-Ciuc.



The art of gastronomy through the eyes of the young generation

A great emphasis is placed on the thoughts and trends brought and implemented by the young generations of students and pupils; thus, the teams of students and pupils had the opportunity to make a festive platter of seafood and fish and a Romanian dessert. These dishes can be easily made in any restaurant location in Romania, given the specifics of our culture. The young people had emotions that everything would turn out perfectly, and it did!

Here are the results:

First place: Prisecaru Ana Maria, Diana Dumitru, Malina Roșca, Iulia Haș and Dragoș Radu – Transilvania University, Brașov

Second place: Sandu Vasilica Ionela, Buraciuc Gabriela, Pușcașu Dumitru, Țarcă Liliana – Vasile Deac Technological High School, Vatra Dornei

Third place: Mocanu Maria Isabela, Pasoi Maria Irene – Casa Boierului din Deal, MCM Petrol SRL, Dealu Viei.

Fourth place: "Valeriu Braniște" Technological High School – Lugoj, Timiș county

Fifth place: "Andrei Bârsanu" National Economic College - Brașov.




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We will keep you updated to the news and details about the next edition of GastroPan. Until the our next partnership we wish you all the best luck and success in your work!

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