Business Point

A business point is an ideal solution especially for companies who offer services and do not necessarily need large exhibition space and is useful to companies who would like to be present at the Exhibition without booking an exhibitor stand.

What does "business point" mean?

Placed in a specially-designed space, the Business Point is a space for discussions and ensures the company's permanent presence at the GastroPan exhibition without being an exhibitor. Equipped with a table and two chairs for discussion, the Business Point also allows setting up a roll-up for better representation. The access to these areas will be properly marked by the organizers.


Distributing flyers

Flyer distribution at the entrance: this form of promotion allows you to reach more than 21,000 visitors throughout the three days of GastroPan exhibition.


Banner, roll-up

Roll-up banners help exhibitors’ visibility or promote companies who are not currently exhibitors of GastroPan. Setting up a roll-up is an excellent way of communication that can be used even if the company's representatives are not present at the show. Roll-ups will be exposed during GastroPan and, optionally, can be accompanied by flyer distribution.