The top event returns in 2024: GastroPan – culinary delights between 14-16 March in Brașov!

The top event returns in 2024: GastroPan – culinary delights between 14-16 March in Brașov!

GastroPan – 14-16 March 2024 – Brașov – the mandatory event for professionals and specialists in the bakery, pastry, confectionery, ice cream, chocolate, milling, HoReCa industry to discover the latest news, innovations and trends: machinery, equipment, raw materials and ingredients, furniture, packaging, supplies and services.

Three days – Thursday, Friday, Saturday – to experience in person and face-to-face and design together the future of the relevant industries. The event is a unique meeting place for dialogue with companies and professionals to discuss industry scenarios and a business opportunity, networking, professional update and sharing.

GastroPan 2024 expects to offer attendees an engaging and inspiring experience in the fascinating world of bakery, confectionery and HoReCa. GastroPan is a reference event in the profile industry, attracting passionate professionals and experts in the field year after year. This annual exhibition provides an ideal platform to discover the latest trends, technologies and products in the industry.

An event that attracts visitors passionate about bakery, confectionery and gastronomy

Visitors to the GastroPan exhibition are passionate about bakery, pastry, confectionery and gastronomy and are looking for the latest trends and innovations in the industry. They are entrepreneurs, managers, professionals, bakers, pastry chefs and confectioners, eager to discover top quality equipment and raw materials. The exhibition gives them the opportunity to connect with trusted suppliers, participate in live shows and presentations, and improve their knowledge and skills.

GastroPan visitors appreciate the networking sessions and competitions that allow them to measure their talent in a competitive environment. They come in large numbers to the event, bringing with them their energy and enthusiasm to explore and be inspired by the fascinating world of bakery, confectionery and HoReCa.

Top exhibitors bring innovation and excellence to GastroPan

At the GastroPan exhibition you will find a variety of innovative solutions and the latest technologies for the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa industry. Suppliers present advanced production equipment that optimizes product preparation processes, from professional dough machines and kneaders to modern ovens and automatic packaging lines. Smart solutions for controlling and monitoring production processes will also be presented, improving the efficiency and quality of the final products. The GastroPan exhibition also offers a wide range of high-quality raw materials, from specialty flours and refined butters to natural flavors and colors. Regardless of the needs sought, adapted, innovative and effective solutions will be found to improve the business and create exceptional products in the food industry.


The section dedicated to bakery and pastry could not be missing at GastroPan to complete the offer for bakeries that also deal with baked goods, such as bread, croissants, bagels, croissants and much more. The entire bakery supply chain is present from machinery, equipment, raw materials, semi-finished products to services and facilities for an exclusive offer that outlines new trends and innovation.

  • Machinery, furniture and stainless-steel equipment for bakeries
  • Customized equipment, solutions for equipping bakeries, complete bakery and pastry lines
  • Ovens of all types and technologies: tunnel, rotary, convection, combi ovens, thermo-cycling and modular ovens, bagel belt ovens
  • Fermenters, pre-fermenters and air conditioning systems
  • Slicers, laminators, crumb grinders, mixers, croissant rolling machines, sifters, dividers
  • Panacodes, carts, cart wheels
  • Pastry accessories
  • Bags, boxes, wrapping paper, gifts, paper and cardboard packaging for the food industry
  • Toasters for doughnuts, langoustines and berlines
  • Tunnel shock freezers, freezer storage, raw material refrigerator, water cooling equipment, break-flow fermenters, water coolers, baguette forming machines, bakery elevators
  • Systems of external and internal silos for flour, tanks for liquid yeast
  • Flours, ingredients, premixes, flavors, yeast, essences, dyes, additives, improvers for baking, biscuits and pastries, margarines and vegetable fats; professional oils, creams, fillings, jams, vegetable and natural whipped cream, gels, glazes, mousses, candied fruits.


The confectionery field brings together all the top names in ingredients, technologies, furniture, packaging and services. GastroPan is an unmissable meeting for anyone who wants to understand the importance of the professional confectionery sector, being a unique experience where operators can experience and truly understand the field of confectionery:

  • Machinery, equipment, utensils and accessories for confectioneries
  • Furniture and various stainless-steel equipment for confectioneries
  • Horizontal refrigerated display cases, vertical refrigerated display cases
  • Thousands of pastry tools and accessories including: various cake tins, cake stands, muffin stands, piping bags, dessert boxes, spatulas, edible and non-edible decorations, various figurines, candles, platters, wedding decorations, cutters, marzipan, fondant, as well as specialty books
  • Wide range of ingredients: flavorings for confectionery, instant premixes for confectionery fillings, fruit fillings for confectionery, creams prepared for confectionery, cocoa creams based on vegetable fats, stabilizers for preparing desserts based on whipped cream, food colors, concentrates for marzipan and creams, margarine and butter for confectionery, vegetable and natural cream, decoration products, related products (baking forms, consumables, etc.), candied fruit and fruit fillings, jams
  • Professional packaging for confectionery
  • Ribbons and accessories for decorating cakes, figurines and confectionery decorations.


In the ice cream section, you will find the largest concentration of companies in this sector in the world. It is an unmissable meeting for the presentation of new products, services and technological innovations:

  • Equipment, consumables for ice cream
  • Ice cream machines
  • Furniture and various stainless-steel equipment for ice cream shops
  • Wide range of ingredients and raw materials for ice cream
  • Raw materials, equipment and ideas for the preparation of artisanal ice cream, soft ice cream and frozen yoghurt products, showcases, integrated solutions for opening an ice cream shop.



This section presents the entire coffee, tea and drinks supply chain through a major exhibition and a series of innovations including a multi-faceted exhibition covering the entire coffee and tea supply chain, from plantations around the world to a wide range of processing techniques and until tasting:

  • Coffee machines, frappe
  • Rare coffees and teas
  • Unique coffee solutions.



GastroPan brings together the best manufacturers of machines, equipment and accessories for chocolate and demonstrations dedicated to the precious dessert:

  • Chocolate packaging machines
  • Glazing lines, chocolate tempering machines
  • Chocolate coatings and glazes, chocolate, blankets, chocolate substitute, hydrogenated vegetable fats for tablets and glazes
  • Chocolate utensils.



  • Furniture and various stainless-steel equipment for all sectors of the food industry: restaurants, professional kitchens, pizzerias, fast foods, catering activities, bars, butchers, slaughterhouses, laboratories, etc.
  • Professional equipment and accessories for the HoReCa field
  • Devices with thermal processing, professional hoods
  • Ice cube and flake machines, ice storage boxes, professional refrigerators, refrigerated showcases, thermal shock freezers, refrigeration installations and equipment
  • Complete services for the food industry
  • Meals, mixed preserves, dietary products, jams, nectars, professional oils
  • Preparation of hot drinks
  • Products for barbeque, bar, buffet, table
  • Packaging for public catering and fast-food establishments.


  • Consulting services and technological flow design
  • Food trucks, vehicles for different products
  • Solutions to reduce energy costs, photovoltaic systems for units
  • Consultancy for non-reimbursable European funds
  • IT solutions, software and hardware for bakeries, patisseries, confectionery, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Even though there are still a few months until the next edition of the GastroPan international exhibition, reservations for 2024 have begun, with dozens of exhibitors in the country already announcing their participation. Companies supplying equipment, ingredients and solutions for the bakery, confectionery and HoReCa sector have reserved their stands at the next edition of the exhibition, the spring of 2024.

GastroPan stands are allocated in the order of confirmed reservations. To become an EXHIBITOR and BENEFIT from a favorable stand positioning, contact the organizers at +40 733 313 043 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. For details about the GastroPan 2024 exhibition, follow the page or the facebook page GastroPan.

For more information and details regarding the methods of participation and promotion for suppliers in the field, contact the organizers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone +40 733 313 043.